Welcome to poshtash.com........

My purpose in writing this blog is simple...i have a love affair with fashion! I have never been a rich person, however that has never affected my perception, love, and passion for the fashion world. I am not a label slave and dont think you absolutly have to have designer labels to be fashion forward.( Although i love me some Herve). I have my labels that i love as well but can surely put together a fabulous outfit without them! That is where this blog comes in i want to share my style secrets with you all and keep you up on whats up! My style is not defined by the labels i wear but by my own creative design. Ive never believed fashion was about conformity. We the consumer make fashion what it is so we give it life! Not the high paid celebrities we see wearing these fashions! My goal is to remind people that its okay to be different and and have your own style! Also that it doesnt cost a fortune to look amazing. I will be displaying my own styling as well as fashion from all over the world! Again Welcome ...Let us go on this journey together. 


Divas Delight


Every week in the divas delight corner we will feature a few trendy or hawt items at mind blowing prices! Be sure to check weekly.